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In their Own Voice

The Senior Speaker Series launched in 2016 as an addition to Suffield’s Chapel Program. Popular chapel meetings fondly remembered by alums including the Kent-Davis oratory contest, Alumni Leadership Day, student council elections, and visits by guest speakers have remained, but it is evident the Senior Speaker Series has established itself as a valuable and lasting school tradition. It is a platform that honors Suffield’s core values of respect, inclusion, and kindness, and provides a significant capstone to Suffield Academy’s Leadership Program. From student talks describing how they arrived at Suffield and how their experiences unfolded to goals for the future or lessons they learned along the way, the series has proven a key fixture of the school’s chapel program. The series serves as a formative experience for the seniors and another opportunity to strengthen community.

Upcoming in 2022
January 31 The Suffield Academy Senior Speaker series continues on Monday January 31. The community will hear from Caroline Greco, Ella Miller, Hannah Skalski, Jackson Kent, Jaiden Willems, Jonah Ball, and Henry White.

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